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DeAnna Lorraine is releasing her second book, available for sale on July 20th – Taking Back America: Campaign Secrets I learned Battling Nancy Pelosi and The Swamp! In this riveting book, DeAnna reveals what really went on during her journey of challenging Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, in California’s 12th District, San Francisco. She shares the ins and outs of her “David & Goliath Battle’’ in exclusive behind-the-scenes of her experiences and how she fought both the left and the Republican in Name Only (RINO) Establishment on the right.

DeAnna’s first book, Making Love Great Again, published in 2018, details her journey of how she became such a fierce activist and advocate for Conservative values. She details how Marxism, which include Liberalism and Feminism, have systematically destroyed our country, our culture, our relationships and the family unit. She reveals the Marxist agenda for completing the destruction of America and the family unit, and what we need to do to restore our values, our culture and out country, before it’s too late.

DeAnna is an energetic and inspiring speaker, and speaks at countless Conservative & Political events, including the #Walkaway Rallies, American Priority Conferences & Phyllis Shlafley Eagle’s Councils. She is a frequent guest on Newsmax, One America News Network, FOX, CNN, Infowars and many other TV and Radio shows